The Defenders Of The Malay Race

Posted: April 25, 2009 in India, Indian Muslim, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, malaysiakini, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Politics, Race, Raja Petra, Tamil, UMNO

Now please take a good look at all the faces. Yes, yes, these are the chaps who are the champions of the Malay race. No, no, they are not Malays and this is according to my Bajau friend from Kota Belud. They are wannabe Malays. Mamaks? Yes Mamaks.

The fellow with a songkok, Thajudeen, described Malaysia Today commentators as “uneducated beasts” and he wants MT commentators to be exiled from this country and hanged by the balls.

The fellow with a songkok and his group of clowns had lodged a police report yesterday,  in the Sentul district police headquarters against Malaysia Today commentators. After the report was lodged this group of clowns yelled “Hidup Melayu! Hidup Tuanku! Allah Akbar!.”

You know what, my old English friend said this, noticed Indian Muslims when fighting for Malay Rights are always the loudest. They are not even Malays to begin with and strangely the Malays themselves let others shout on their behalf. Sort of outsourcing their hard work to others while they busily collect rent.

It sounds so real.

  1. Tulan Chin says:

    The colour of the photos say it all. These pantat kualis from pariahland just can’t stand their genetic misfortune.Hey pariah mamaks, go buy a mirror and have a good look at yourselfs.You people are no malays,you are too black and ugly to be malays.The malays would hate to be associated with you bunch of people who have no pride in your ancestry. You can’t change what god has given you, just accept it and be thankful you are still a low caste human and not a dung beetle


  2. arayan says:

    The faces show that they were all shit pot carriers also known as pariahs in India. Gradually they could not stand being sidelined by the superior caste system and they decided to have a better life. They converted to Islam and became to be known as MAMAKS.

    This let them out of the caste race and they were exiled to a Pariah state called Malaysia.

    Once here they want to pretend that they are even higher than the maharajas or the sultans ( same concept as feudal India)

    As RPK had mentioned, they are compelled to eat shit laced with urine ( old habits die hard as they were shit pot carriers). Beware when you enter to eat in their shops. You will be able to smell the shit as body odour in them.

    What the F**** they are talking about exile for others when they themselves were exiled. Being pariahs for genarations they will have to carrry the stigma of being one thriough their shit mindset and behaviour.

    The leopard can’t change its spot, can it??

    So, ladies and gentlemen, never never trust a F***ing mamak, let alone let in into your house, he can even steal your wives or daughters in bright day light and convert them to be pariahs over night and say they are his.



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