Just got word that Pet is safe and sound in England. Thank God!

Pet had to go away from Malaysia as he had reasons to believe that a new detention order under the Internal Security Act (ISA) had been issued by the Police and they were looking for him high and low the last few days to put him off permanently.

Even Pet’s buddies were not spared by the cops as they too had been monitored and in some cases even questioned by the apparatus.

Pet did not turn up to the Petaling Jaya Sessions court yesterday for the continuation of his sedition trial which was connected to the posting he made in Malaysia Today website which was allegedly a seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’.

Hence, an arrest warrant had been issued against Pet for failing to appear in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court yesterday for the continuation of this sedition trial.

Before Pet left for UK this is what he had to say, “I would never be allowed to leave. The police would immediately detain me and send me to Kamunting and this time I shall not be so fortunate as to see freedom in two months like in the last two occasions”.

So, what is Malaysia coming to? Why is Raja Petra being hounded and sought by the apparatus to be placed under fresh ISA arrest warrant and fresh charges of treason made against him, but, Razak Baginda tried for murder is acquitted and no appeal is made by the Attorney General’s office? Sounds funny here. Why the double standards?

It seems like Malaysia is in a state of anarchy where might is right. To anyone outside the Malaysian government it is obvious who Raja Petra is: a well-informed critic of a corrupt regime. Its not wrong to think that the fresh ISA detention order is a way of putting him beyond the reach of the courts, where the specious actions against him can be exposed for what they are.

As Pet says himself, “heads they win, tails I lose”.

  1. Wintermute says:

    When there exists a potentially dangerous cultural conflict in the mind of a racial hybrid like RPK, he will choose the superior culture, in this case the maternal one, as a place of greater safety.


  2. selvarajasomiah says:

    Dear Susan,

    Thanks a lot for Pet’s photo. I like the photo and you said it right.

    Thanks again for your visit and I really appreciate your presence in my blog as its a great pleasure to notice you here.



  3. sloone says:

    Hi Selva;
    I’m glad you like that photo. I took it when I met Pet in Bangsar in April last year, just days before he was arrested.http://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/05/01/shariibuu-meets-famous-malaysian-blogger-and-others/

    it’s one of my favourite photos of RPK, and you can find it here:


  4. jaz says:

    “So, what is Malaysia coming to? Why is Raja Petra being hounded?” Because he runs a blog site where his fans routinely call the PM “Filth”. Does he expect to make friends that way? He is a good writer, no question. But he is deliberately picking a fight that I wouldn’t call socially responsible. It always feels so good to be a martyr.

    >My boy stirred up an ants’ nest, and now they are biting him! Imagine! What’s the world coming to?<

    And Malaysia in a state of anarchy? Hardly. Anarchy is what we would get if an opposition coalition got into power. Study history, and be careful what you wish for.


  5. Pakyeh says:

    With najip in power RPK is betteroff in London. He should forget about fighting it out in court. All of us can see that it has become Lingam ‘s Court. indirectly answerably to mammak kutyty and whoever is in power.



  6. maw says:

    thank god almighty for keeping him safe.may god bless his family.


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