As usual the mainstream media is spinning again. Today Bernama started the ball rolling by this headlines “Ruckus on first day of Penang Assembly sitting.”

Ruckus, what ruckus? There was no ruckus at all at the Assembly. Only thing that happened was my good friend YB  R. S. N. Rayer (DAP-Seri Delima) told opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim (BN-Penaga) not to give a lecture but go direct with the question. The exact words used by Rayer was “we don’t want to listen to a lecture, don’t waste time, pose your question”.

Sure YB Azhar’s ego was bruised by Rayer, but there was no ruckus. The assemblymen were only exchanging views.

Here is the Bernama’s spin.

With all the spinning, it is with good riddance that we watch mainstream papers going down the slippery slope in terms of readership and declining circulations. In time we will watch them go. An essential part of life is the cyclic nature of the life cycle. Death is an important cleansing to make way for the new.

The Internet or the new media (as some call) win because truth longs to be free, as in zero cost.

Yes, I’m not getting paid to write here, but I appreciate the great diversity of viewpoints that I can read in the Internet. I can digest all of the comments here and at other blogs and form my own opinion instead of reading one editor’s opinion. If there’s a mistake, someone will call it out. That’s the missing link between the blogs and the mainstream papers.

Anyway, the real accelerator of the death of the mainstream media is it’s failure to understand transparency. In fact, it’s the death of a lot of old school ideas.

Think about why communism dies? It’s not transparent. There’s got to be someone behind the curtain trying to pretend that it’s all good, even when it’s not. Editors at the mainstream are the same way. Obsessed with spinning the story. A million examples of their spin every day. A million examples of their double standards every day.

It’s become so common, that it’s now a bad joke, and there is no surprise government sponsored mainstream media is dying.

  1. maw says:

    for slow learner its a good exercise for the grey matter selecting news of bernama to other papers like harakah keadilan they are much faster with blogs.even better at ballot box.


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