I believe by this Federal court decision the court has set a precedent as it can now review whatever the Speaker says or do even though the Speaker’s power is paramount.

Anyway, the decision of the courts must be respected, but, has anything changed in the Perak State Assembly from this Federal court decision? No, nothing has changed guys. The Speaker’s powers is still intact and decisions are still his to call. Speaker V. Sivakumar is still the boss in the Assembly and he can still frustrate Zambry Kadir and Gang who have defied Perak State Assembly procedures with new charges for contempt of the Assembly.

As long as Speaker V Sivakumar conducts the State Assembly proceedings according to procedures he cannot be frustrated by Zambry & Gang as the Speaker remains the final interpreter.

So, NOTHING IS LOST as the Speaker is still V Sivakumar although Sivakumar has been denied his right to suspend Zambry & Gang.

Indeed the next State Assembly sitting will be evidence that the Perak State Constitution is still supreme in the state of Perak.

  1. Kalimullah is simply expressing a perspective based on experience – is his perspective not plausible?
    With all of the shennanigans we have witnessed,
    does not what Kalimullah have to say seem possible/probable even?
    I believe it could happen & we should not be suprised if it does!
    Kali , we shall meet again over the check out counter of our local mini market!


  2. samsaimon says:


    so u know whats the outcome gonna be? u r part of the plot is it?


  3. ali allah ditta says:

    But Kalimullah, U must also take into account, what the UMNO goons can do once they have the upper hand.

    1. they will find a new speaker & sure enough the lady DAP katak will elected.

    2. the BN gomen will then suspend the ex- PKR exco including Nizar for treason for a long period.

    3. with the suspension,the BN gomen will have it’s 2/3 majority and apply to re-delineate Perak’s electoral constituencies by drawing up more Malay majority districts and make sure BN will win in every GE.



  4. Kalimulah says:

    Don’t be too sure, Sivakumar’s days are numbered and so is Nizar’s. The courts are going to throw out every suit by the Pakatan clowns. Mark my word.

    Barisan under Zambry has done its homework and there is no fear to continue the Perak State Government till this election term ends.

    Stop day dreaming guys.


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