In a bid to oust the Menteri Besar of Terengganu Ahmad Said, 10 BN backbenchers boycotted the second day of the assembly sitting by not turning up at Terengganu state assembly sitting today.

Yesterday,  rumour was buzzing and spread like wildfire through SMSs’  and all over the internet saying that there was going to be a motion of no confidence on the Menteri Besar which would be tabled at state assembly sitting today.

This morning everything fizzled out and remained just rumours when the 10 assemblymen plotting against the Menteri Besar had chicken out last minute on the motion of no confidence and instead they just boycotted the assembly today.

Typical Umno style, talk one thing do another thing.

Anyway, we know that all is not well in Terenganu and a political storm is brewing there and it is a question of time before the Menteri Besar Ahmad Said is forced to step down.

In and another development, three BN assemblymen who were also party to the no confidence motion have reported that they allegedly received death threats via SMS. All three – Rosol Wahid (Ajil), Zakaria Ariffin (Paka) and Halim Jusoh (Pemaisuri) have lodged police reports.

If you remember, after the March 8th General Elections, the previous MB Idris Jusoh was also a victim of power play in the state and it was said that he too was not favoured by the palace.

So, this is not the first time a leadership struggle is taking place in Terengganu because the palace is not in favour of the CEO of the state.

This rebellion will only end if the present CEO is removed.

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