Yesterday, Gerakan Youth leader Lim Si Ping praised vociferously the Gerakan President, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon the former Chief Minister of my Penang state, as the “Super Minister” in the Najib Cabinet who is tasked with monitoring the performance of the other 28 Ministers.

I wanted to puke when this Lim Si Peng s/o Lim Keng Aik was just sucking up so badly to Tsu Koon and comparing Tsu Koon to ‘Super Minister.’ This is a real joke man! Tsu koon Super Minister? More like pondan to me.

How is Tsu Koon going to monitor the performance of Umno warlords? Besides, even his performance also big question mark when he was CM of Penang.

Come on,  Tsu Koon the CM of Penang for 18 years was even unable to stand up against small timer Ahmad Ismail, the Umno Bukit Bendera division chairman, when he said the “Chinese are squatters” during the Permatang Pauh by-election last August. Ahmad Ismail even whacked and cursed Tsu koon in public and even tore down, stepped and spit on the picture of Tsu Koon in the presence of journalist, at that time. So how to monitor the Umno chaps lah?

Anyway, Penangites got a nice way of addressing Tsu Koon as Ko Tee Koon, which means, “still sleeping”  in Hokkien.

Now you know why there has been so little progress in Penang for the last 18 years.

Anyway, Tsu Koon is discarded and rejected by the people of Penang and a lame duck of UMNO and just disaster for Penang and can NEVER EVER get back Penang for BN. And remember again,Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon was booted out of Penang for underperforming.

Maybe we should learn the art to sucking up from the Gerakan Youth Chief. One piece of advice to the Youth Chief, if done too blatantly the sucking up, it will surely backfire into your nostril.

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