Suspended Sabah Umno Youth head Datuk Japlin Akim also Usukan Assemblyman, who is also State Infrastructure Development Assistant Minister was first barred by the Umno Disciplinary Board from holding any position in Umno for three years for money politics/corruption.

Today I hear that, Jiplin has been arrested  and kept for close to 3 days in remand by the MACC which is investigating him for involvement in money politics/corruption prior to the Umno General Assembly.

Japlin was said to be Umno youth chief, Khairy Jamaluddin’s main bag carrier in Sabah. Some are saying Japlin was openly distributing money on behalf of Khairy and there are even photographic evidence to back this claim. 

I think by charging Jiplin for corruption/money politics and linking him to new Umno Youth Leader, Khairy Jamaluddin, PM Najib Tun Razak can effectively delay Umno Youth Leader Khairy from taking a cabinet position.  This is a smart move by Najib. At the same time, Najib can also strengthen his position with Dr Mahathir who blames Khairy solely for undermining his legacy and for being the power behind the throne during the Abdullah years. Dr Mahathir has been campaigning vigorously against Khairy’s inclusion in the Cabinet, saying that he is corrupt and he is bad news for Najib. In so doing, all know, that Dr Mahathir,  is desperately trying hard to make his son Mukriz  to be considered for a cabinet position instead.

It seems every politician in Malaysia want their sons and in-laws to be LEADERS in this country as though there are no other capable Malaysians to takeover from all these clowns. Truly Malaysians are sick over the whole thing.

  1. ab rajak ab hamid says:

    All leaders in umno must dismiss from umno activities so in PIRU ke 13 ,BN can capture all state that hold by Pembangkang.


  2. ab rajak ab hamid says:

    All umno members that had been prove as a corrupt must dismiss from all umno activities. It will effect umno struggle to prove to the people that umno was relevence.


  3. manaf says:

    I am all for The MACC’S action.Not only Japlin should be brought to court of law,everybody else who practices corruption in whatever way should be dealt with likewise. TUN MAHATHIR IS TO ME THE BEST LEADER OF MALAYSIA WOULD EVER HAVE. OF COURSE NOBOBODY IS PERFECT!


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