Sorry guys on 30th March,2009, I said, I Don’t Think Najib Will Get The Prime Minister’s Post This Friday. I was sure, way, way off the mark. Sorry again about that. Najib Tun Razak has proved me wrong. 

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak actually became the sixth prime minister of Malaysia at 10am today, Friday, the 3rd of April, and the transition of power was smooth and without any hiccups. Thank God!

I express now my congratulations to Najib for securing the very important role, Prime Minister Of Malaysia.

The Palace endorsed Najib as Prime Minister of Malaysia with a swearing-in ceremony at Istana Negara today.

It is a great achievement for Najib personally and it is one all Malaysians can be proud of.

The challenges ahead for Najib are formidable, yet I hope that he will rise to them.

On behalf of this Blog and the readers, I would like to offer Najib ongoing support in his new role and take great pleasure in his success.

On a personal note let me say how pleased I am that Najib will have this opportunity to further his ideas and thoughts to improve Malaysia’s standing in the world in terms of freedom and human rights record.

Yes, we are in different sides of the political spectrum.

In the last election campaign, and in the years leading up to it, I campaigned vigorously against You, for the right to become Prime Minister and to govern this country. 

That is politics. 

We have brought different approaches, priorities and outlooks to the issues this country faces, and I have voiced those views strongly.

That I have been able to do so is one of the great strengths of Malaysian society and I thank Pak Lah a fellow Penangite, for allowing Malaysia to move in that direction after Mahathir’s 22 years of rule with an iron fist.

Although I have had my disagreements, Najib Mr PM, I say this: 

I am sure all Malaysians, no matter their political beliefs, know that your becoming Prime Minister today warrants the putting aside of politics and working towards the flagging economy which will be further hit real hard the coming months and years.

I for one wish you again the very best and hope you bring this great nation of ours to greater heights so that history will remember you as the BEST MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER.

Please, don’t play us out for heaven’s sake!.

  1. Fazli Halim says:

    We wouldn’t know who is the best prime minister of malaysia for as long as malaysia is still in existence, would we? He could be other prime ministers of malaysia in the future. Only history would know when malaysia cease to exist.


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