Most Expensive House in America On The Market For $150million

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Aaron Spelling, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles

Recession? Not in Holmby Hills, the most exclusive neighbourhood of Los Angeles. A 5,250 square metre mansion has just gone on the market there for $150 million, the highest price asked for a U.S. home.

The French chateau-style construction has a silver storage room, a wine tasting room, a screening room, a bowling alley, a wine cellar, a 1,600 square metre attic that includes a barbers and a beauty salon, and a gift-wrapping room.

But it is unclear how many rooms there are — 100, or 123? The house belongs to the widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling, the brain behind such TV hits as Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty.

The mansion, built in 1991, also has tennis courts, pool and spa, waterfalls, a reflection pool, an 18th century-style garden, a rooftop garden and a citrus orchard.

  1. me says:

    I’m rich biotch!!!!!!


  2. Jim Johnston says:

    I went to a house party at this house last year. If you buy this house, go into the west wing and then into the first bedroom on the second floor. I had sex with Tiffany Amber-Theissen there. She signed the condom and I pinned it to the wall in the closet with my tie pin. So if you buy this house, use a black light and you can probably see her tit imprints on the walls and windows.


  3. jim says:

    your just an absolute idiot. i bet you do live in heaven because that would inivolve yoiu to dream all day, CAUSE YOU GOT NOTHING, worth living for, thats why or should i say
    “dats y” your already thinking about the after life


  4. aaron spelling says:

    Look biotch I may be dead…but talk shiot bout my house and I’ll come whip yer ass from the dead. You just jealous cause I got Charlie Angel ass when I was alive. Thats right…i banged all them hoes and now I’m gonna bang yer momma biotch. P.S.-Life is great up here in heaven and in case you’re wondering…yeh I’m still rich even up here…I’m fuckin Farrah Fawsett up here biotch. PEACE OUT!


  5. blablagirl says:

    thats aaron spellings house i saw it on tv thats a huge house and it looks weird but still cool


  6. van says:

    i think who ever wrote that shit above doesnt even have a house, he clearly shows he doesnt have an education. damn man stop dreaming. put the home buyer book for dummies down and snap back into reality jerk off


  7. a bum says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat 150 mil 4 dat omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hav a better house den dat


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