Malaysians with Indian ancestry are so stuck in the racial crap created and carved by Samy Vellu for the last 30 years. This is a 30 years screw up of the mind and I hold Samy Vellu responsible for this.

Why have to follow the racist Umno style of thinking? This racist thinking has caused Malaysians of Indian ancestry to suffer from complexity problems. Until and unless Malaysians with Indian ancestry get rid of the racial feelings and resolve to fight for the struggles and reforms as a Malaysian they will surely be left behind in the wider context even come 2050.

Let face it, those who embrace the Malaysian identity will rise with the rest of the Malaysians. This country belongs to all Malaysians and not to any one particular community.

This is a beautiful country and lets not screw it and divide it by race.

We have such a rich ancestry and diversity which we should bring together and make Malaysia a unique nation a melting pot of this diversity.

I myself will never, yes NEVER, ever join any racial based political party which thrives on ethnicity. I and my family are color blind and I thank my parents for having instilled this in me. I even married a Sabahan Bumiputra and created 2 kids who don’t even know their race. My children are very much colour blind like me. I instilled this on them and I am proud of this.

Now lets look at the Bukit Selambau situation. Abang Anwar gave the seat to a Malaysian of Indian ancestry to represent Pakatan Rakyat. What else do they want? Why create all the fuss about the candidate? Why cant they see the big picture? Just because MGR their idol is not selected to stand, the idiots make it difficult for the person selected by the party. What kind of thinking is this? That is why I say their heads are all screwed. Perhaps Abang Anwar should give the seat back to a Malay candidate since it’s a Malay majority seat and in the last election the last PKR candidate was a Malay. Afterall, this Arumugam fellow who won the seat the last time because of the disqualification of the PKR candidate was with the help of Malay votes.

See here what PET has got to say about Malaysians of Indian ancestry and he calls them BODOH PUNYA INDIA and I agree with him fully.

Here goes….

Okay, now over to the Indians. There are three by-elections coming soon — one each in Perak, Kedah and Sarawak.
While there appears to be no problems thus far in Perak and Sarawak, it looks like Kedah is going to face problems even before Nomination Day. And the problem is as follows. The Indians are not happy with Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of candidate and they will probably boycott or sabotage the by-election if they don’t get their way.
Okay, I have no problems with that. After all, most of the Indians, the majority of them, are all ex-MIC supporters anyway. This means they have kepala otak MIC. They think like MIC and throw tantrums like MIC and demand this and that like MIC. That is to be expected.
But what is unsettling is the way the Indians constantly talk about Indian this and Indian that. Every time these ex-MIC Indians open their mouths it must be about Indian rights, Indian interests, hak India, kepentingan India, and whatnot. These Indians are just like the Umno chaps, minus the little rusted curved knives. These ex-MIC Indians and the Umnochaps are like pinang dibelah dua, or, as the English would say, like two peas in a pod.

I know that people from Italy are called Italians, people from Germany are called Germans, people from Russia are called Russians, people from China are called Chinese, people from India are called Indians, and so on and so forth. Therefore, it goes without saying that people from Malaysia are called Malaysians. But those Malaysians whose forefathers came to Malaysia from India in the 1850s to around 1920 or so still want to be known as Indians even though they and their parents were all born in Malaysia.

Read my lips, very slowly. Those born in Malaysia are Malaysians while those born in India are Indians. You can’t be born in Malaysia and yet still be Indians. Get it? Or must I repeat that?

Enough of all this Indian this and Indian that! Who the shit cares about Indian rights and Indian interests? We are fighting for Malaysian rights and Malaysian interests. It is Ketuanan Rakyat. Not KetuananIndia just like Ketuanan Melayu a la Umno.

I once had an argument with a Hindraf supporter and he tried to impress upon me that the Indians need to be represented and they need an Indian to represent them. I asked this chap whether he is Indian and he replied that he is. Then go back to India, I told him. Indians live in India. Malaysians live in Malaysia. He then corrected himself and said that he is a Malaysian.

In that case, I replied, why do you want an Indian to represent you? Can’t I, a Malay, be your representative? Why must it be an Indian? I too can represent the Indians and serve the Indians.

This Hindraf chap then asked me how I would feel if an Indian represented me. Considering I am Malay, can I accept an Indian Prime Minister? Of course I can, I replied. In fact, I accepted an Indian Prime Minister for 22 years. The only thing is I never saw him as an Indian or even addressed him as an Indian. I just addressed him as Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I am not the problem, I told this chap. You are. You look at things from an Indian perspective. I look at it from a Malaysian perspective. Anwar Ibrahim is half-Indian. Wan Azizah, according to Umno, is half-Chinese. I am half-Malay. Many of my very close friends and relatives are half this or half that. But we never, I repeat never, address each other or look at each other through coloured lenses. We are absolutely and thoroughly colour-blind.

I would like to pack all those who shout and scream that they are Indians into a tongkang and send them back to India where they belong. Bodoh punya India!”



  1. Siv says:

    I’m a Malaysian who is now residing in Australia. It was definitely a painful choice I had to make in order to leave Malaysia. But over 30 years of my life the government kept reminding me that I’m a second class citizen although both my parents and myself were born and raised in Malaysia. Every single form I had to fill up from kindergarten to university had a column that requires me to declare my race. I often wondered why am I recognized by my race when I’m every bit Malaysian just like my Malay and Chinese classmates. In school,they had a ‘Rancangan Khas’ class for Malays. Every year, streaming was done according to race. I missed out on getting into the top class for a couple of years because the non Malay quota was filled. When I was selected to study in the local varsity, there was a 10% quota for Indians. Matriculation places was reserved for bumiputras and recently, a small number of Indians and Chinese were allowed join the matriculation course. Government jobs were allocated based on race. There were even special housing discounts for bumiputras. However hard I tried, I just couldn’t deny the fact that I am recognized by my race and not nationality all thanks to the constant reminders by the government. Like me, there are many Malaysians who are residing in Australia and they all have their own experience of not being given fair treatment. Is this MIC’s fault? Maybe it is, but the Government shoulders much of the blame as well. So,don’t refer to the indians who have been sidelined for so many years as ‘bodoh punya India’ when it is the government who made us that. I have watched a fair share of Dr M’s interview including his appearance on BBC’s Hardtalk. He kept dividing us, Malaysians, by our race even defending the quota system. Doesn’t that show that he is a racist as well? Although highly sceptical, I just hope things change for the future generation.


  2. grkumar says:

    You have contradicted yourself with the numerous references you make to race in this posting whilst sanctimoniously trying to preach a form of secularist multi culturalsim that does not and could not exist anywhere.

    You are Malaysian by your citizenship and not even Indian by your race (Indian is a term to define your nationalisty and not race. You may be Tamil, Telegu or Punjabi by race from the sub continent but not Indian).

    The pre eminent position demanded and held by Malays as a majority and predominant race in Malaysia is not something you can dispense with through agitation or legislation. Nor can you wish it away. It has to come about through negotiation.

    The question of race in Malaysian politics is too deeply entrenched in its society and it constitution to make it go away.

    Indians (as you refer to them) identify as Indians as do Chinese as Chinese. This is at variance with the Malay identifying as Malay and by doing so gaining asendency in the argument and in the politics of race.

    What is perhaps necessary for Indians to do to alter their unenviable position now is to embrace the culture of the Malay (not necessarily his religion) and to lessen the overt displays of being Indian in a multi cultural society. After all many of the cultural traits of Malays are acceptable to indians and not offensive (unless it is so in your minds).

    For 22 years you dream you had an Indian prime minister of Malaysia. Thats insulting. Why would the one half of a man whose ancestry can be traced to his Indian roots make him Indian. Are you suggesting that his choice of being Malay because his mother was Malay and perhaps a bigger influence in his life is irrelevant?

    Mahathir adopted the Malay culture as it already was his having been ostracised by Indian communities in the practice of their casteism and religious bigotry against Muslims, and therefore by definition he is a Malay.

    Perhaps more Indians who are otherwise relegated to a life of slavery and subservience to the ‘higher castes’ should convert and become more relevant to their environment in Malaysia. it will change the course of history.

    Trust me, unless you are rich and powerful the government of India will do nothing for you either. If you live in Malaysia, lie like Malaysia and fit into its changing environment both political and social.


  3. R.Prem Kumar says:

    Why hold Semi Value for anything? Is he the one who ordains our lifestyle options? I am a Malaysian of ethnic Indian origins, i.e. my grandparents migrated from Northern India. I was raised in Kelantan, even though my parents hailed from Perak. I observed that by large the Malaysian Indians differ from their counterparts in India. But there’s one thing common among them – they adhere to concepts and ideas but fail to distinguish the form and function. Semi is just one of them. Their focus seems to be on ‘jaama and sapart’. Paltry tinsel and cuisine. They have this desire to adorn everything for show. That takes care of the ‘ form ‘ part of my assertion. In a sense we have become so taken up by rituals that we have forgotten the prefix of ‘ spi ‘ ritual aspects. That is like looking for a way to happiness whereas happiness is the way. I am not an apologist for UMNO and its racist agenda but pray tell me by and large, how less are we Malaysian Indians in terms of caste observance? For that matter try a Megat scion take a lesser mortal for life partnership and see where it gets him in the eyes of his parents and relatives ! We need first to seek a personal identity and that idea has to evolve on natural interaction amongst similar thinking Malaysians regardless of formal observation but rather based on the significance of the interaction. Failing that we are left with perhaps, a few shared concepts of substance or worse, just style.


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