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What is happening to the Perak folks? A few days ago some frustrated cows went on a rampage and smashed the edges of the Democracy Tree plaque. Today again we hear, the Democracy Tree plaque has been desecrated and vandalised by some idiots who had poured road tar on the inscription on the plaque.

What the heck! Why behaving like idiots? These politically motivated vandals don’t realize how stupid it makes them look by their stupid actions. This just goes to show how bitterly frustrated these buggers are and they just seem to show their childish behavior.

Next, the Enemies Of Democracy might just chop down the poor raintree under which history was created when Sivakumar, the Speaker, had the “emergency sitting” of the Perak State Assembly.

These clowns are fearful, angry and jealous that Pakatan Rakyat  has adopted the rain-tree as a symbol of democracy.

By the way, the paint is the same color as Najib’s’s pant-suit wore during his visit to the palace. Funny!