This is the unsigned Perak state government circular bearing the state emblem announcing that the state secretariat in Ipoh will be closed Tuesday so as to prevent the emergency assembly meeting tomorrow. The circular also informs visitors that  all appointments scheduled for Tuesday will be cancel.

This is a clear sign of insubordination to the Speaker by the state assembly secretary.

See the Umno/BN fellows getting more and more desperate. UMNO is so desperate and will do whatever it takes to stop the lawful state assembly meeting tomorrow called by Speaker Sivakumar .

Umno/BN’s credibility is sinking lower by each day and more nails are being driven into its coffin by its own doing.

It is not wrong now to say that Umno/BN bends the law to their favour every time they’re pushed to the corner.

Is this the Westminster model  we inherited from Britain?

The current political impasse is something that has never surfaced in Malaysia.  

Remember folks, change would come from the ballot box, but, will Umno/BN respect the verdict of the ballot box? We shall see.


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