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Najib looks far worse than Pak Lah now. The mess he created in Perak is so shameful and I have no more words to describe.

Najib’s statement yesterday saying that there could not be any Perak State Assembly meeting until the courts decide on the status of the state government is so dumb. We know Najib is no lawyer, but at least his legal chaps advising him on legal matters should have educated him a little before he start shooting blanks. I am so surprise by Datuk Seri Najib Razak our PM-In-Waiting’s ignorance.

See, Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar yesterday announced that an emergency sitting of the assembly would be held on Tuesday. What is wrong with that? The challenge in the court between Nizar and Zambry is only to determine the legitimacy of the Perak state government. Nizar’s suit is only to seek declaration that he is the rightful MB and also to seek injunction to prevent Zambry from carrying out the duties of the MB, as well as to seek fresh elections for Perak. Only that. Only the Perak state Government is the subject of court action and there is no court action or proceedings pending against the Perak State Assembly.Yes, nothing in court against the Perak State Assembly.

 There is a big difference between the State GOVERNMENT and the State ASSEMBLY, in case they don’t know.

No one is saying that the assembly is illegally constituted. Even the Speaker’s position is not being challenged. Besides, every Malaysian know that there is no provision in the constitution or law which says that the court can question the validity of any state or parliament proceedings.

The Speaker has every right to act as he did. Period!

And Najib please stop spinning!