I watched the news this evening and I nearly puked when I heard what the anti-graft chief Ahmad Said had to say. He came out to announce that they have enough evidence to charge Tan Sri Khalid for the car and the cows. Ahmad Said mumbled out that the MACC felt that there was strong evidence to show that Khalid had abused his powers. He said “we would suggest that legal action and so on be taken, as we have strong evidence for both cases that abuse of power has taken place.“Although we can make a decision to press legal charges but the commission feels that it is better if the AG makes the decision. “Since the case involves a VIP, it is better if the case is referred to the AG, as there may be certain parties not satisfied with the investigation by the commission.’’

Well, MACC can take Khalid to court if you have enough evidence and for sure the court will decide. Any idiot knows this. Why the press statement? Isn’t this a traverse of justice? Looks like the MACC is not impartial, MACC is supposed to be an independent body but the Chief says that he has to refer to the AG on Khalid’s case. What a mockery.

This is a claim of corruption on very frivolous grounds. Its like a joke. It only goes to show that the BN government is getting more and more ridiculous and desperate by the day.

Anyway what is so wrong on the state paying car maintenance on the personal car used by Tan Sri Khalid? Tan Sr Khalid can easily ask the state government to buy off his car and the maintenance payments would be OK. But he did not do so. In fact, Tan Sri saved the taxpayers’ money by using his own car for state matters. What is so wrong for the state to pay for the maintenance? Come 0n lah!

And the buying of cows for korban, did Tan Sri Khalid misuse his powers? For heaven sake, the cows were for the poor and needy. What element of corruption here? If he had bought the cows for himself, then that would be wrong. He did not take the cows back to his house and have a big feast. The cows were for poor people lah.

Besides, the amount involved is pittance compared with the corruption, cronyism and misuse of power by the previous BN government. Just look at the billions of ringgits paid needlessly on the toll concessions, water assets, Port Klang Scandal, Balkis charity and the hundred thousand dollar watches and the many, many more cases of corruption, cronyism and misuse of the Government assets in Selangor. And not forgetting Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad’s (PNSB) PURCHASE OF 5 UNITS SAUDI APARTMENT amounting to RM8,352,427.66 when records showed that PNSB had between September 17, 2007 and September 19, 2007 transferred RM25,603,545 to Saudi Arabia for 12 units of properties.

By the way, remember, sometime back even the pilot son of the MACC’s Boss was caught in Australia for child phonography – read here for this story.


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