Raja Petra Will Not Be Sent Back To Kamunting Come Monday

Posted: February 21, 2009 in Internal Security Act, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Politics, Raja Petra Kamarudin, UMNO

Whew, what a relief! in a new development, Pet confirms that he will not be landing up in Kamunting this coming Monday, after all. This means Pet could still have his freedom for a little more time, and, it also means that many in Umno may be shitting bricks and having a strange mix of constipation and anal laxity.

Its party time now, hear what Pet got to say ….

lo and behold, my lawyers just called to say that my appeal against the three-member Federal Court’s decision to reject my four applications is going to be reviewed by another quorum of judges. I suppose that would mean the Federal Court will not be able to send me back to Kamunting on Monday after all — at least not until after the judicial review, and only if the second quorum of judges upholds the Federal Court’s decision. If the judicial review is of the opinion that the Federal Court had erred, or was indeed biased, then back to the drawing board we go. I will then be able to get a second bite of the cherry.



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