Japanese Farmer Sells Giant Strawberries For RM 2,000 Each

Posted: February 17, 2009 in agriculture, Japan, Malaysia, News of the World, Sabah
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A Japanese farmer has succeeded in breeding giant strawberries, and each has a price tag of up to 50,000 yen (RM2,000).

Each newly harvested fruit measures about 8.5 cm in length and weighs more than 80 gm, compared to the standard strawberry that weighs about 28 gm.

Mikio Okuda, 55, tried to exceed the top size of the berry and succeeded in breeding strawberries that weigh up to 91 gm, said the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. Okuda, who has been growing strawberries for more than 31 years, was also able to maintain sufficient colour, shine and shape for his mega-berries.

But the  content does not multiply with the increase in size, so the oversized berries aren’t as sweet as their smaller cousins.

The new breed is more than 100 times the price of an average package of strawberries in Japan, Okuda said. The farmer plans to introduce the giant berries in packs of four or five between next January and March, targeting affluent customers.

Maybe in future Malaysia should think about sending their Members of Parliament to Japan instead of  Taiwan to study high-tech agriculture. Remember the 41 MPs who went to Taiwan on a agricultural study tour before the September16th episode?

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