Karpal Singh Shooting Rocket Launcher From His Wheelchair

Posted: February 9, 2009 in DAP, Karpal Singh, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, malaysiakini, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Politics, Penang, Perak, Sultan of Perak

Karpal Singh is shooting rocket launcher from his wheelchair. Its all right. Not to worry guys, Karpal means no harm to Pakatan Rakyat.

I dare say, Karpal is one of the most respected politician and lawyer in Malaysia. Karpal is always one who is serious in his belief that the Rule of Law is an essential element of our democracy. I know this. He is a close friend to my family. From a distance even from my days in school in the 70’s, in Penang, I have been watching Karpal rise in DAP and his law practise, taking some very controversial cases that the government wants very badly to win, and which no other lawyers dare to take.

I grew up during that era…post May 13. 

I certainly have great respect for Karpal for being a person of strong personal convictions and generally remaining civil in all of his political life, as far as I know. Karpal has never surprised me. He is, in essentials, the man he ever was.

Karpal is definitely “cockey”, but I know he stands up for justice! He is “cockey” because he knows his stuff. 

You don’t have to agree with everything Karpal said; I don’t. But he deserves a lot better than he’s getting from his own side. He deserves, dare I say it, a spirit of compromise and workability, as opposed to the “cold war” by the Lims’ to a problem no one else in Malaysia has even dared to address.

And Karpal, you were the gentleman who tried to persuade His Royal Highness The Sultan of Perak to abide by the law, and this, we hope our children will read in history books in years to come.

Read what Reuters India got to say on Karpal asking Anwar Ibrahim to quit as Pakatan Rakyat Chief.


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