Harry Potter Star Emma Watson to Go Back to University

Posted: February 3, 2009 in Emma Watson, Harry Potter, Harvard University, News of the World

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who played the brainy Hermione in the film, has reportedly decided to move to the United States to study at Harvard University.

The fees will be about £30,000 a year but the 18-year-old actor will have no problem paying up after earning millions for the fantasy franchise, the News of the World reported.

“Emma has always been a very dedicated student and made sure she could schedule her acting around her studies. She loves America and has loads of friends out there. She’s really excited about following some of the great thinkers in attending one of their great universities,” said a close friend of the star.

Watson is currently shooting the final Potter film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but is ready to take a break from her acting career to concentrate on her studies.

  1. emmawatson says:

    nice post emma watson but is fake


  2. terc says:

    This foto is fake. Nice work with photoshop, but still it is a fake.


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