What the hell you waiting for Mr Kayveas?

Posted: December 10, 2008 in about me, Anwar Ibrahim, Blogroll, Malaysia, Malaysian Politics, PKR, PPP, SAPP, UMNO, Uncategorized, Yong Teck Lee

kayveas by omongmy.

Pak Lah  has said it very clearly  that PPP can quit  BN if they so wish and the government has no intentions of amending the Internal Security Act [ISA].

You and your PPP’s threat calling for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act [ISA] before the next general erection, oops, sorry! election, or else you would leave BN,  is nothing to UMNO, small matter Mr Kayveas, and, you portraying that UMNO and BN is shaking like a leaf is too much a drama lah.

Sometime back, Umno vice-president cum Chief Minister of Malacca Mohd Ali Rustam while delivering his speech chided your PPP  for “threatening” Barisan Nasional for more seats to contest in the last march general election and he too stressed that PPP could leave the BN fold if it was unhappy. And you were just sitting through the whole speech biting you nails then in Malacca.

So it was Ali Rustum first and now Pak Lah telling you in simple language “you  and PPP is just a piece of shit and it makes no difference if you stay or go”. Sorry the truth hurts Mr Kayveas. 

After all these humiliation PPP should leave BN right this minute! Leaving BN is your last saving grace Kayveas.

If  not, be prepared to fade to oblivion. If  BN can tell you outright in your face that you are not wanted, why wait Kayveas? Malu lah to give excuses to stay on.

Kayveas, the writing is on the wall, UMNO wants you out because they feel you are inconsequential in the BN. If you stay they want you to be a slave to UMNO and be subservience to the Ali Rustams and Ahmad Ismails.

PPP has only one route for SURVIVAL…………LEAVE BN NOW!


 By joining Pakatan Rakyat at least come next election PPP will be able to win some MPs in Parliament and maybe even some state seats in Perak.

Be like SAPP, Mr Kayveas! Be a fighter like Yong Teck Lee.  At least Malaysians will respect you after this.

DR  Seenivasagam and SP Seenivasagam will never rest in peace if you do not leave BN after all these humiliation. Do it now before its too late and you will go down in the history books as agent for change together with the Seenivasagam brothers.

Don’t let the masses look at you as a coward and who is only good in giving veiled threats and always hiding behind some sari. You must have the will.  And, of course, freedom is yours, and the BN system is quite ultimately irrelevant as the clock  start ticking.

 This is what is meant by a slave to the UMNO, and those that cannot see it are cowards. There is no other way around that Mr Kayveas.

  1. ARISTOTLE says:

    people like kayveas are like those knowning no shame …when they are told to leave, they still stand there…reminding me of my favourite taiwan hokkien movies…they yell and yell on the screen, and the one yelled at is still standing there to be yelled at continually. PLEASE…IF ANYTHING pakatan should never accept such an idiot… look at the hindraf five…still in detention, ahd the likes of him and samy vellku just cant be bothered. WHY should they anyway…its not them in detention!! THE REASON WHY kayveas isnt joining pakatan is becsuse pakatan thrives on merit..and his party and samy boy’s thrives on sucking balls!!!


  2. Sukdev says:

    Hei, lay off fellas. Let barking dogs be. Their bite is worst than their barks.


  3. tun perak says:

    nazri told kaveas ‘porah pondah’ f.o. but this donkey is still thick skinned like samy vellupondah, stillsnifing umno’s arse. the only thing I heard from THIS paan chot in the 4 years he was a bn MP was when he took on that MPAJ BANKRUPT moron, but the ‘udang sebalik batu’ was his friend ‘STEVANS corner was being extorted.


  4. Clement Tan says:

    Whether he stays or leaves BN, it makes no difference. It has no role to play in M’sia politics. He should disband PPP and return to practise law


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