Malaysia’s latest Datuk, the king of Bollywood

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Shahrukh Khan barechested

Finally last night, India’s top Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) award which carries the title Datuk by the Melaka Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob.

We’ve just given yet another title to someone who couldn’t give a fuck about whether he had it or not, someone who does not even know where in the world map Malacca can be located.

This is one big joke. Even the Indian cleaner in my condo is making fun out of this. 

I  somehow understood when Michelle Yeoh was given the title. If you think about it, she’s Malaysian, and she has promoted Malaysia so much. She deserves the recognition.

Again, I completely agree with the Datukship given to squash player, Nicol David. She is the World No. 1 in women’s squash since 2005, and won the British Open in 2005, 2006 and 2008 and  not to mention winning the Asian Championships for a record of five times. How many can EVER reach this height in this country? I’m sure not even out of this country can we find any reaching the level of Nicol.

And there are so many other more deserving people out there in this country – people who are actually trying to make a change, the unsung heroes. The people who worked behind charities and non governmental groups like orphanages, St Nicholas Home of the Blind, Old Folks Homes, RSPCA, so many of them.

And how about our David Arumugam who has done so much for our music scene? Popularlise Malay songs to so many. Our M Nasir? Our Blues Gang? Ramli Sarip? So many more great artist who have done so much for the Malaysian music scene.

THESE are the kind of people who Malaysia should be recognising.

Read below …..

MALACCA, Malaysia, Dec 6, 2008 (AFP) – India’s top Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan will star in a new movie exploring the issue of Islam in the post 9/11 world and the misperception that all Muslims are terrorists.

“My Name is Khan” tells the story of six people with Muslim surnames who suffer suspicion and prejudice years after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

“The movie is about a Muslim person’s strife (in telling) people that ‘my name is Khan but I am not a terrorist’,” Khan told reporters after being conferred the governors’ award in the southwestern Malaysian state of Malacca in recognition of his 2001 film “One 2 Ka 4”, which was set there and boosted its profile as a tourist destination.

The Indian Muslim actor, whose wife is Hindu, also condemned religious fundamentalism and denounced acts of violence, saying that the Koran does not preach terror.

“Islam does not in any which way tell you to be violent,” he said. “I think the whole concept of jihad, the whole concept of warring needs to be explained as Allah meant it to be in the Koran,” Khan said.

“(The film) is an attempt to try and do that in an entertaining way.”

Filmmaker Karan Johar will direct while top Bollywood actress Kajol Mukherjee, who has acted in several blockbusters with Khan in the past, will co-star.

Filming is due to begin later this month in Los Angeles and is scheduled for release a year later, Khan said.

The Bollywood star’s comments follow last week’s 60-hour Mumbai siege in which 10 Islamic militants attacked multiple targets including the landmark Taj Mahal hotel, killing 163 people including 26 foreigners.

Nine militants were killed, while one was captured alive.

New Delhi has increasingly pointed at Islamabad over the attack which has enraged public opinion and badly hit relations between the neighbours.

Earlier a crowd of more than 500 people thronged the Malacca state secretariat building to witness Khan being conferred the governor’s award.

The 42-year-old heart-throb is well-loved in Malaysia, a popular location for Indian films which have a huge following among ethnic Indians and the majority Muslim-Malays.

  1. andrew says:

    its a pity that malaysia has gone down the road of many a western university making fast bucks rolling our degrees and in this scenario datukships making both degrees and dutukships like the famed Msian dish, kolok mee. datukships are supposedly reserved for people who deserves them and who have done service to malaysian society. YET what we have witnessed is the sale and purchase of such honorary titles! even non deserving people can be awarded such titles!! i know of one college proprietor who bought his datukship and he behaves like a sex maniac more than a datuk..a former sibu town gangster that is!! so, malaysia…way to go…after more than half a century of independence…this is the road u are going down!!!


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