How Come Mumbai Terrorist Also Having Malaysian Identity Cards?

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Acheh, Blogroll, CIA, India, Interpol, Malaysia, Malaysian Human Rights, Malaysian Politics, Najib Tun Razak, Sabah, Sabah Politics, Sabah UMNO, Sarawak, Terrorist, UMNO, Uncategorized

It seems according to the Indian intelligence sources that one of the gunmen now in their custody has told Indian authorities that he – along with seven others – pretended to be students, rented an apartment in Mumbai and planned the targets and they all carried Malaysian identity cards. Yes, they carried Malaysian identity cards.

I remember sometime last year, 2 brothers Rahmat Abdul Hir and Zulkifli Abdul Hir both Malaysians were arrested in California by the US Department of Justice for 16 counts of providing material support to terrorists, providing material to terrorists, contributing goods and services to a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” and providing false statements. Both were most wanted person by the US FBI for their links and funding for Abu sayaf and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Also Malaysians were these 2 clowns.

   There was another Malaysian who was mastermind behind the Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005 and he was Southeast Asia’s most-wanted militant Dr Azahari Husin the bomb expert for the Islamic terror network Jemaah Islamiyah. He was shot dead by the Indonesian Police and his dead body was packed back to Malaysia.Then there was another Malaysian, Noordin Top who was Azahari’s accomplice in the Bali explosions also wanted for terrorist activity and still on the run. Malaysians again.

HambaliThen there was this Indonesian cleric Riduan Isamuddin aka Hambalidubbed by the US Central Intelligence Agency as the “Osama Bin Laden” of South East Asia. Also having Malaysian identity and married to a Sabahan from Lahad Datu, Sabah. Was wanted badly by the United States Central Intelligence Agency and he was linked to 39 bombing attacks in Indonesia alone and over 300 murders in Indonesia and Philippines. He is also accused of arranging a meeting between two of the 11 September hijackers and the al-Qaeda figures who were in Malaysia in January 2000. When the CIA caught him in Thailand he was spirited away to an undisclosed location until now by the CIA.  Hambali is also carrying a Red Malaysian IC.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyirThen it was the famous Abu Bakar Ba’asyir also having a Permanent Residence status from Malaysia. He is the spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah (JI) accused in connection with a number of bomb attacks blamed on JI – the Bali bombings, the JW Marriott hotel bombings in 2003 and a series of church attacks in 2000. Ba’asyir also carries a Red Malaysian IC.

What is this connection between terrorist and Malaysian ICs? Is this a coincidence?  Why are so many of the terrorist in these parts of the world so many times when caught they carry Malaysian ICs? I saw this in Sabah, I saw this in Kelantan, I saw this with the people of Acheh, and now I hear its happening in the sub-continent. These people are giving Malaysia a bad name and I hope the government would come forward and clarify.

According to Vedic spiritual and mystical teachings it insist on the fact that there is absolutely no coincidence in the world.

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    Very nice site!


  3. […] Mumbai terrorist were also said to be carrying Malaysian papers and I have written about it here… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)No TitleHow can i know my passport status […]


  4. Joshua Kong says:

    there are 5 millions foreigners in Malaysia with MyKad…

    good and bankrupt Be eNd’s idiots…


  5. Musdom says:

    Its Mauritian IC, MAURITIAN…


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