Pak Lah said that anyone race can become the Prime Minister in Malaysia. Tun Dr. Mahathir too echoed this and went further to say that the person must be a “Bangsa” Malaysia and must be supported by all Malaysians then only he or she can become PM of Malaysia.

Does Bangsa Malaysia really exist in Malaysia?

Is there such a thing call Bangsa Malaysia?

I remember Abdul Ghani Othman, the Menteri Besar of Johor, saying in an UMNO convention sometime ago that Bangsa Malaysia was a “nebulous concept” which overstepped the bounds of the Constitution and it must only be applied in the context of all the peoples of Malaysia with the Malays as the pivotal race.

We know many Umno leaders and Umno members had all along been clamoring for the supremacy of the Malay race – KETUANAN MELAYU. And about how their rights are protected under the constitution and so on, and only a Malay could be a true Malaysian. Some Umno leaders openly say that the Malay people are the TUAN of Malaysia and the Malaysian Chinese and Indian-Malaysians who form a significant minority in Malaysia, are considered beholden to the Malays for granting them citizenship in return for special privileges as set out in Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia.

Take the case of the recent appointment of acting-General Manager in state agency, Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS). A female Chinese, Low Siew Moi was about to retire and was appointed by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid to head the PKNS. There was so much hue and cry and even  protest from Malay leaders that the appointment was incorrect because she is Chinese.

Why was the appointment not right when the person appointed had all the qualifications, experience and merits for the post? Tan Sri Khalid had even described Low, 57, a trained accountant, having served PKNS for 35 years as the most appropriate candidate on the basis of her dedication and experience as deputy GM for corporate and financial affairs and asset management. The only possible answer is that she is not a Malay. This episode seems to imply that one’s capabilities, despite being a Malaysian, can be overlooked based on race.

So what is Dr Mahathir talking about? How can a non-Malay ever be PM of Malaysia when even a person who is more than qualified, is not even accepted as an Acting- General Manager of a quasi-government body, even though she has the backing of the Menteri Besar of Selangor ?

Such discrimination is rampant in our country. Serious efforts must be taken by the incoming Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, to ensure that positive actions are placed to curb this race mentality which is a setback for a true Malaysian race – if such agenda even exists at all.

The problem is a real setback because every good action taken to improve our country through the appointment of qualified non-Malay could continue to be perceived as bad, even to the extent of being used as excuses for demonstrations and protest by racist UMNO chaps.

On Bangsa Malaysia, leaders at the federal level must be serious and sincere in solving matters related to race and religion.

Barak Hussein Obama, an African American, won the presidency of the United States of America and his victory as a Black American was echoed even by our own Prime Minister. The recognition offered to Obama by some of our leaders is nothing short of hypocrisy. Our UMNO leaders must be ashamed for being so hypocritical.

In my heart of heart, I for one, believe there will never be an Obama story in our country, anything said about Bangsa Malaysia can merely be regarded as ploys to gain the support of the people, whenever leaders needed them. At the end of the day, Malaysia’s social, economic and political scene is still dominated by racial sentiments championed by UMNO..

And here we are, a nation 51 years old, still calling the non-Malays ‘pendatang’, equating multi-lingual roadsigns with sedition, using abusive language and rude body language in parliament, coming up with fatwas on tomboys and yoga, and so on and so forth.

We are a bunch of “Jaguh Kampong” and have no desire to progress. Some are even trying to move the country back into some distant past of another place and time.

We look at people like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu and wish that our leaders could be like that. But they are not. Not even close.

  1. lin says:

    i strongly agree by tun sri lanang..


  2. You know why Nelson Mendela was jailed? Because he fights against apartheid. He believe that the majority should rule the country. Father Desmond Tutu also….if we want to build the country we must be truly to our self. DO YOU THINK THE CHINESE AND INDIANS WILLING TO ABOLISH THEIR TAMIL AND CHINESE SCHOOLS? BANGSA MALAYSIA MEANS RESPECT, CHERISH DIFFERENCES BUT UPHOLD RESPECT. IF BANGSA MALAYSIA MEANS TAKING AWAY OTHER PEOPLE RIGHTS TO FIGHT FOR HIS OR HER OWN RIGHT THEN THAT IS NOT OK.


  3. I agree WITH some of your comment and disagree with some of YOUR comment also. but everybody has its own right to agree and disagree. Nation state cannot be built without knowing the nation state historical background. Whenever or where ever you discuss about a nation state, facts of historical background must be the essence of the argument. Is there a truely bangsa Malaysia? It depends on how you want to look at it. How you going to define IT AND What facts do you want to use to support your argument.

    Can I be a leader in you house and instruct you AND YOUR FAMILY WHAT to do? You have A wife and 5 children, suddenly you met me on the street, and then ask me whether i want to come to your house. Definitely after long hour of journey, i will take the opportunity to go to your house for hot bath and a meal. But once i arrive at your house, i start to request this and that; i start to dictates things, i start to take the lead and start to instruct you and your family members to do things. I am a highly qualified person; an engineer; good credentials, My question will be WILL YOU ALLOW ME TO BE A LEADER IN YOUR HOUSE? You probably now say… what a stupid analogy; oh… that is different. NOPE it is not different. I as a person who has been invited to stay in your house must respect your house, your culture and your way of life. I cannot simply dictate, instruct and give you a headache. What DR.M and Pak Lah have said is that, IF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ACCEPT NON MALAY AS THE PRIME MINISTER THEN SO BE IT. THE WORD HERE IS MAJORITY OF PEOPLE. MALAYS COMPRISES OF 59 PERCENT, CHINESE IS 34 PERCENT, INDIAN 7 PERCENT. IF ALL MALAYS 59 PERCENT WHICH ABOUT 16 MILLION PEOPLE WILLING TO ACCEPT THEN I GUESS WE SHALL SEE THE PRIME MINISTER TO BE NON MALAY. RACIST HAS ITS OWN DEFINITION. IF CHINESE AND INDIAN FIGHT FOR THEIR SURVIVAL THEN YOU CALL IT Rights..BUT WHEN MALAY FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS AS STIPULATED IN THE CONSTITUTION, YOU CALL THESE PEOPLE AS RACIST. THIS NATION IS BUILT THROUGH THE CONSTITUTION. PLEASE ABIDE BY IT OR YOU CAN LEAVE THE COUNTRY. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.


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