Pak Lah, Have A Cabinet Reshuffle Now And Get Syed Hamid Albar Out Of The Home Ministry!

Posted: November 7, 2008 in about me, Blogroll, Malaysian Human Rights, Malaysian Politics, Raja Petra, Uncategorized

If the Home Minister had followed the rule of law this would not have happened. The Home Minister is incompetent and so is the AG. It was such a waste of public fund and the AG and the Home Minister must bear the financial consequences and not the Malaysian Taxpayers for this blunder.

Besides, was it necessary to put Pet and his family in such an agony all due to the incompetency of the AG and the Home Minister, and, why such government high handedness?

The Home Minister has abused his ministerial power and misused ISA for his political mileage.

Pak Lah must now have a cabinet reshuffle and get a new Home Minister.  Syed Hamid is doing too much damage to Pak Lah due to all the high handedness and blunders.


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