Happy Deepavali to All ISA Detainees in Camp Kamunting

Posted: October 26, 2008 in about me, Blogroll, Deepavali, Hindraf, Internal Security Act, Malaysia, Malaysian Human Rights, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Politics, Raja Petra, Uncategorized


Diwali or Deepavali is the “festival of lights” a Hindu festival dating back to the Vedic perid 2000 years before the birth of Christ. It marks the triumphant victory of good over evil, victory of light over darkness.

The legend behind this festival is, Narakasura, a demon, ruled the kingdom of Pradyoshapuram with an iron fist. Under Narakasura rule, the subjects suffered a lot of hardship and suffering. Seeing the suffering of the people, Lord Khrishna set out to destroy the demon Narakasura. The day Narakasura was slayed by Lord Krishna was celebrated as Deepavali, the triumph of good over evil.

All Malaysians Hindus as well as all Malaysians regardless of race must unite on the occasion of the Deepavali this year to combat and overcome the “darkness” in the Malaysian society, particularly the marginalisation of the Malaysian Indians, whether because of poverty, economic injustice, educational deprivation, social degradation and other forms human rights violations, specially the detention of Raja Petra and others under the ISA.

Lets UNITE as Bangsa Malaysia and triumph over all evil and darkness on this auspicious day.

Happy Deepavali and don’t forget all our 75 brothers detained under ISA in Camp Kamunting.

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