Deepavali Invatation gets 11 and a 6 year-old kid Arrested

Posted: October 24, 2008 in about me, Blogroll, Deepavali, Hindraf, Internal Security Act, Malaysia, Malaysian Human Rights, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Politics, police abuse, Tamil, Uncategorized


(Picture courtesy from Susan Loone’s Blog without her permission)

Police arrested 6-year old Vwaishhnavi the niece of ISA detained HINDRAF leader P Uthayakumar when she and a group of 11 “concerned Indians” attempted to submit a letter to the Prime Minister asking to release her uncle and all other ISA detainees. Vwaishhnavi also had a letter inviting the Prime Minister to attend the family’s open house for this coming Deepavali.

Malaysia is really famous for the wrong reasons and this is one more.

Why arrest a 6-year old?

Why not just accept the letter and show some compassion?  Is this so difficult?

Now Pak lah looks so bad when its not Pak Lah to be blamed but some goons linked to Botak Syed Hamid who is trying to show that Pak Lah has no compassion.

I too dont like the idea of getting kids involve in the first place. This is obviously using children as a human shield but the police could have handled this better. There is no justification in bringing the kid to police station.  Why can’t the police be more intelligent and show some compassionate?  Is this so difficult or the police just dislike Indians? Afterall, those present did not bring any weapons or had intent to create havoc or damage.

I know Pak Lah is a goodman but its the others around him who are making him look as though he is heartless and lacking in compassion.


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