The letter I wrote to Late Datuk Haji Malik Chua Vice President of PBS in 1999.

28th September 1999

Dear Tuan Haji Malik,

Greetings and best wishes Tuan Haji. Sorry could not speak much at the airport in KL. Always enjoyed talking to you. Also cannot forget the “Udang Galah” and the fanastic dinner in your house in Sandakan with Pairin and the rest of the gang.

I want to take this opportunity to pen my thoughts on the directions I believe is needed for PBS to face the new millennium. Please bear with me and do share your thoughts.

PBS must become involved and take a leadership role in the reform process. The reform movement in its broadest sense is fighting for change – as distinct for support for Anwar Ibrahim.

The PBS has so far failed to make the distinction.

The PBS perceives the conflict as Anwar vs Mahathir.
It perceives the conflict as a “family affair in which we should not get involved.”

The PBS has apparently failed to perceive the fact that the conflict is much wider and much deeper than they think.

It is not Mahathir vs Anwar. Many of the groups that are leading the campaigns for change do not endorse Anwar Ibrahim as their leader. These group include the DAP, the PAS and other political parties. They include professional organisations and NGO’s who would vehemently deny they were involved in partisan politics.

It is not Malay vs Malay. The mass movement for change in Malaysia now encompasses basically all Malaysian racial groups – people who have been galvanised by the wholesale abuse of the legal system in pursuit of political advantage by the government, ordinary citizen who just somehow believe the the government has lost it’s way. Others who are still in a shock at the revelations of how the government really works; the brutality and lawlessness of the police, the malleability of the court system, the discosures of massive monetary corruption at the highest levels of government.

The Malaysian peoples’ faith in the government has been shaken as never before.

The PBS policy of silence appears to be safe one. Although it is not without risks. The PBS risks being percieved as a party that stands for nothing.
It is opposed to the BN and yet it does not support the BN’s greatest threat – the movement for change in MALAYSIA.

Does this mean that the PBS is also not in favour of the forces for change?
The PBS appears to be against the status quo but in favour of the forces of change?

The PBS appears to be against the status quo but not in favour of changing it.

This is too glaring a contradiction.

In any event it is a policy that fails to grasp the opportunity in front of us. To be a positive agent for change, possibly a leading advocate, in what has become almost a national cause.

Thank you Tuan Haji for you time to hear.


Selvaraja Somiah


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