November 25th 2007 Hindraf Rally


The Hindu Rights Actions Force (Hindraf) has been declared an illegal organisation by the Malaysian Government from today, 16th October 2008, and I thought it was good if I revisited the Hindraf Rally on 25th November, 2007.

When next month 25th comes it will be exactly one year since the Hindraf Rally.

Need to relate what happened that day 1 year ago so that all could see the core of my experience which was AWESOME!

I left at 6 am by LRT from Kelana Jaya. At 6.30 am I was at the Ampang LRT station and got on foot around Jalan Ampang.There was police block near Jln Ampang and plenty of cops everywhere. There were many people congregating along the road. Never saw so many Indians gathered together in one area. Had teh tarik at a restaurant nearby KLCC.

At 7am I moved to KLCC park, there were a lot of people gathered here. Suddenly there was tear gas in KLCC park and the FRU canon had moved and was placed at the far end that leads towards Jalan Ampang and thus blocking the way.

There was was no way ahead so I went to the opposite entrance of the Twin towers. A very big group had gathered here by then.

I got a Mahatma Gandhi’s poster by someone I didnt know. This was nice because a sense of power of truth, nonvoilence and peaceful assembly was encouraged.

At 9 the FRU started to spray water laced with INSECTICIDE (smelled like malathion) towards the crowd , people just sat down and were very calm, the next moment tear gas cannisters started flying into the crowd and all hell broke lose and people started screaming and running towards the opposite direction.

I saw some people got trampled by the crowd. I myself was choking and was looking for water to wash my eyes and luckily someone gave me a bottle of mineral water to wash my eyes. By now the crowd had pulled back. I was telling some in the crowd not to leave as I was right infront and I could see people were getting angry and were throwing back at the police the gas cannisters.

I walked again towards Jln Ampang with some lawyers, I think, and behind us was another big group marching.

The FRU allowed us to pass until the junction, but suddenly, without any warning they attacked us again with the water cannon, spraying laced insecticide. I felt itchy all over my body and knew it was definitely a strong dose of malathion and maybe some carbamates mixed. By now the whole group had split into 2 with most of them in Jln Ampang.

In Jln Ampang, the FRU truck moved into KLCC and pushed the crowd further back and stopped in the middle. The group in front of KLCC had to retreat.

I was pushed back from public bank to BSN and further back to The Zouk by about 10.

By now the crowd had got bigger and bigger all around Jalan Ampang towards Jln Raja Chulan. There was full of people here. The FRU in the meantime, was getting trigger happy and was firing volleys of teargas cannisters after cannisters.

By 11.30, a helicopter was hovering above us and it was impossible to hear anything as the helicopter was so close to the ground. People were jeering at the helicopter while they were taking photo shots from the air.

By 12.30 we dispersed and while dispersing, the FRU still continued to chase the peaceful crowd all the way to Jln Raja Chulan.

Today 25th November, 2007, I saw the Indians in Malaysia finally waking up from slumberland.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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